Monday, May 14, 2012

My Jewish guy has come

Well, everyone the big thing in my life right now is relationships. When I was in high school, I wasn't ready for them. I remember if I knew a young man was going to talk to me, I'd throw up. I went on two dates in high school. Both didn't go very well. One of them, I didn't even know the young man was asking me out on a date! Really awkward. I had my first boyfriend in college and that went well, but it ended because we were too young. We wanted more out of life. Then I get sick and everything got put on hold. Now that I feel more normal, again, it feels like guys are coming out of the wood work. I remember that my Mom said to me when I was in high school. "Don't worry about guys now, when you get to college they will be coming out of the wood work." I guess it raining men on me now.

There was this guy that I had feeling for, his name is Bill. He the kindest, sweetest guy ever. The only problem with him was that he was twenty years older than me. We go and hang out at coffee shops and restaurants once a month. Also every Saturday he calls me. I kept over looking the fact he was twenty years older than me and secretly had feeling for him. Well, one of my friends said I should be emotionally honest with him! I told him I like him more than a friend. His response was, "I am old enough that you can be my daughter!" Then he said a bunch thank yous and asked me isn't that a compliment. He finally said, "I am too old for you!" I told him no you're not. And he said well, "I am the perpetual bachelor and never had a serious girlfriend." I feel kind of bad for him, his fifty - two and never had a serious girlfriend.

Well, guess what happens a few weeks later. The guy that lives next door called for my roommate, but she wasn't here so he talked to me. We had a very interesting conversation. He has a bachelor's degree drama and I have one in Literature. In other words, I am trying to say we have a lot in common. He is only four years older than me. And you know the weird thing. When I was little I asked God to send me a handsome Jewish man and Eric, my next door neighbor is Jewish. He's really cute. Eric had actually asked me for coffee about year ago and I blew him off. I don't mean I stood him up or anything, I just said no. It's kind of a like a movie. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl, but she doesn't get it. Then girl realizes she likes boy.

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